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Meet your 2022-2023 Boosters Board

University High School Baseball Boosters Board

Randy Kunin - PRESIDENT (Class of 2023 Parent)

Bob Dougherty - TREASURER (Class of 2023 Parent)

Mindy Zive - SECRETARY (Class of 2023 Parent)

Christina Collins - HEAD OF FUNDRAISING (Class of 2025 Parent)

Janet Rome - MEMBER AT LARGE (Past President - Class of 2023 Parent)

Patrick Eldridge - MEMBER AT LARGE (Treasurer In Training - Class of 2024 Parent)

Michelle Ramos Weston - MEMBER AT LARGE (Class of 2024 Parent)

George Parker - MEMBER AT LARGE (Class of 2025 Parent)

Mark Shean - MEMBER AT LARGE (Class of 2026 Parent)

We thank our numerous volunteers.  Without your help, the Baseball Boosters would not exist.

Following is an incomplete list of our volunteer positions and events


Team Moms

Game Changer score keepers



Friends and Family Fundraiser

Banner Ad Sales

Christmas Tree Sales

Irvine Challengers Charity Work

Alumni Game

PPSAT and AP Practice Exam


Banner Installations

Field Clean-up Day

Player Donations

Player/Team Photo Day

Opening Day Takeout Fundraiser

Team Rally Dinner

Opening Day

Team Dinners

Senior Day

Baseball Banquet

PPSAT and AP Practice Exam


Summer Camp

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