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Meet your 2022-2023 Boosters Board

University High School Baseball Boosters Board

Randy Kunin - PRESIDENT (Class of 2023 Parent)

Bob Dougherty - TREASURER (Class of 2023 Parent)

Mindy Zive - SECRETARY (Class of 2023 Parent)

Christina Collins - HEAD OF FUNDRAISING (Class of 2025 Parent)

Janet Rome - MEMBER AT LARGE (Past President - Class of 2023 Parent)

Patrick Eldridge - MEMBER AT LARGE (Treasurer In Training - Class of 2024 Parent)

Michelle Ramos Weston - MEMBER AT LARGE (Class of 2024 Parent)

George Parker - MEMBER AT LARGE (Class of 2025 Parent)

Mark Shean - MEMBER AT LARGE (Class of 2026 Parent)

We thank our numerous volunteers.  Without your help, the Baseball Boosters would not exist.

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